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Duromine - The original!

Is this the REAL, original DUROMINE?

Yes, you found it! We only supply genuine Duromine, in the original, sealed blister pack complete with information insert.

Duromine is freely available in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia where it is prescribed for mild to severe cases of obesity. It was equally popular in the UK but removed a few years ago. We source our Duromine direct from South Africa, where it is manufactured by corporate iNova Pharmaceuticals. We will ship it directly to your doorstep, without a prescription, but the onus remains on you to obtain doctor's advice and a valid prescription.

Duromine weight loss pill is an appetite suppressant. Duromine is combined with resin to create a slow release which prolongs the effects of Duromine. With Duromine, hunger cravings are reduced as the active chemical ingredient in Duromine effects the parts of the central nervous system.

Duromine contains the active ingredient phentermine. Phentermine is combined with a resin which slowly releases the phentermine so the effect of Duromine lasts all day. Duromine is used to reduce body weight in obese or overweight patients. Duromine is an appetite suppressant that works by directly affecting the area of the brain that controls your appetite making you feel less hungry. Duromine should be used as a part of an overall weight management plan, which includes a medically controlled diet and exercise program. Your doctor will assess whether Duromine is suitable for you.

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